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Deal Or No Deal online slots brings the popular television programme to the casino, with a great adaptation which comes with all of the excitement of the original show.

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History of Deal or No Deal Slots

Deal or No Deal Slots The gameshow that kickstarted Noel Edmonds career, and the mainstay of most afternoons, it's an addictive and entertaining hour-long TV show that has you right on the edge of your seat.Deal or No Deal, apparently not only fronted by Edmonds but also his own idea, has spawned many online games and now you can play Deal or No Deal Slots online in a variety of casinos and gaming websites.

The DOND TV Show with Noel Edmonds

Right at the top of any online slots connoisseur's list of games will be the brilliant Deal Or No Deal. Based of course on the legendary television programme, Deal Or No Deal slots is a 5-reel, 20-line title with three amazing bonus games.

What this means is that fans of the show who play get to experience all of the excitement of the television show as soon as they begin spinning. The fun really does start as soon as the game begins, and with some brilliant bonuses also available, you won't regret playing this slots game.

What is Deal or No Deal slots game?

Although the DOND game is classed as being slots, it's much more than that - like the television show you have to select boxes, but it moves along a lot quicker and you have a much greater chance of picking up a good Bankers Bonus and there are no traditional slots features like reels. Take a look at the video below to see the game in action; unfortunately there is no Noel Edmonds in the game itself, but the banker is still hidden (and menacing).

The different Deal or No Deal online games

There are currently four different DOND games that you can play online for real money (the ability to win actual cash within the game).

  • Deal or No Deal "The Banks Riches" Slots is a typical slot machine game with a bonus round related to the banker, where he makes you ten offers one after another, and you have to decide whether you want to accept the offer or move on to the next one.
  • The original Deal Or No Deal game allows you to play something very close to what contestants on the TV show play, so you have a box that you choose and then a series of boxes that you can open in batches.
  • Deal Or No Deal Instant Win is a faster version of the original DOND game: you pick a box for yourself, then continually pick further boxes with the aim of getting a batch of boxes of a certain amount (you will then win that amount). It's slightly tougher to understand for anyone who has watched the TV show, and twice during each game you can swap your box for a remaining box. One of the least interesting deal or no deal games.
  • Finally there's Deal or No Deal Jackpot, a game almost exactly the same as the original TV version, and with the option of at the very end swapping your box with the remaining box